Phoenix/ Buyer – Sangalli

Marlene is truly a Professional Realtor. She is the best we’ve worked with and we’ve worked with many and Marlene will be our realtor moving forward buying other properties. She not only personable and knowledgeable but, she took the time to understand every aspect of what we were looking for in a house. She has worked with us for a year in our attempt to find the right home and was diligent about steering us away from homes we may have compromised on. She always had our best interests at heart and even when we got frustrated, she continued to send us listings; however never did we feel any pressure. That is not to say Marlene did not point out pro’s and cons in helping us to make the right decision. When it came to negotiations, she explained our position professionally, with the justifications for our offer. She kept us abreast of the market and even the neighborhood we were looking at and when we needed to be more aggressive in more desirable areas. We made a few offers on homes and she was fine with us walking away from deals that were she felt unreasonable. She contacted our mortgage broker with information for the appraisal. She was there at the inspection at 7 PM on a Friday to go through the summary and give us advice on what to ask for regarding repairs. Then when we secured a contract, her transaction service took us through the steps to completion. Purchase accomplished! Overall a great experience with Marlene and her team. Oh, she also has a phone full of quality services. Pool guy, house rental guy, handyman guy, landscaper guy…lots of guys. Call her if you are buying or selling. She’s awesome.
Marlene Reyes-Burgess reviews

— Ed & Margaret Sangalli